About Canon IXUS 155 Digital Camera

Anticipation should be noted in this camera that just because there is "Canon", it does not mean that you will automatically also got all the qualities and advantages of the brand. Nevertheless, the Canon Ixus 155 is for casual and amateur photographers or for everyday and leisure adequate. It offers many features for a small price and therefore the image quality is good. 


About the appearance and processing is debatable, but I am of the opinion that it in no way looks like a cheap plastic part. It is light, small and fits easily in your hand, and I'm almost of the opinion that great men hands could possibly have their problems. Here, however, but also a minor complaint. The Canon Ixus 155 belongs again to compact cameras that are suitable for left-handed rather for right. One-handed snapshots can unfortunately make bad, because the hand obscuring the screen almost entirely. 


Macro shooting succeed surprisingly well (see picture), even at very short distance to the subject. The zoom is impressive, 10-fold, expandable up to 40-fold. That the image quality decreases and the noise increases, although it is clear, but the image resolution is still very good and positive aspect. But here, too, as with all cameras, the better the natural light (ergo outside, sunshine etc), the better the image. 


But indoor shots also succeed quite well, thanks to the many features, the camera has to offer. In addition to the automatic setting that detects the respective scene by itself and configures the optimal setting of yourself, you can determine in the live setting itself, which scene with which light is present, what the final image much better than does the auto function. Also, brightness, color, contrast, and ISO, red eyes and image stabilizer are adjustable, as are the image size, date and choice of single or continuous mode, and self timer with different shutter times. 


Some playful features like Toy Camera, Miniature Effect, Fisheye, etc are also available, what is the one or other creative photographers surely love. In addition, the menu has a help function that simply explains each setting and even gives tips to help one or the other maybe even a whole piece. The menu structure itself I found sometimes a bit irritating and I also have a "Back" button was missing, which brings me back again and again in the menu. But not in all areas of the menu was mostly been described directly in menu possible. 


WiFi there is not, so it's not the same can upload photos from the camera to the PC. And what has also disturbed me a bit, was the glossy display, the first scary reflected in strong sunshine and secondly, can hardly be a chance to see the photos taken outside to look again, see problem as with most mobile phones. 


Another thing that bothered me was that the release button very often went a bit hard to press. That is not difficult in the sense of fixed, but through the intermediate step of focusing one often missed the right time for the trigger so that I have one or the other snapshot is slipped through their fingers. 


What I found positive but again, was that the camera has a battery and no batteries. This is of course for every matter of opinion, I prefer the battery in any case, who incidentally kept very long. Although I had the camera with me every day and determines almost every other day here and there Photos've made​​, the battery held out for over a month.

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