Jogging's health

Antioxidant action As the known, cocoa-derived foods such as (1995 Cocoa) Cocoa and chocolate containing a large amount of them has been noted polyphenols. However, since sugar is used abundantly for bitter originally cocoa cacao fat also, included many cacao, calories very high chocolate of course. The same thing is greater cocoa beverages on the market. There is also a problem due to excessive intake of sugar and fat, such as a deterioration of diabetes and hyperlipidemia, the person who has received attention to the doctor too much to drink the cocoa boom at that time even among celebrities such as Ohashi Kyosen also out there.

Jogging's health law is from a relatively old, but from the idea was wrong "If Hashire was impossible, can become more healthy" and, you can fall into heatstroke, or fatigue fracture his leg, circulation and respiratory disease in some cases exacerbate the disease of the vessel system is unending. Also people because you busy during the day, go out over the middle of the night from dusk was also increased, but in terms of traffic safety and crime prevention, cage some people there is a problem slightly, consideration for these are also being sought. Upon going out on foot, including the walk walking at night, it is recommended and it put on a coat of bright colors, that you wear reflective material in the National Police Agency.

Original values ​​referred to as "must be healthy in order to work a lot" to "If you work a lot, money is to come by many, and be happy" and, faith in health has existed since ancient times, but modern society, especially in there is a background from that skill in a variety of industries, while fueled these concerns, to promote their products and services in many cases, likely to further accelerate. Is not a means to achieve anything, tend to health itself has a purpose found, health, refers epidemic phenomenon pan social for this is a "means for be healthy" in modern therefore it is expressed as "health fad".

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