Me With My Dell U2414H Monitor

I was so busy, I need more than a month to find a suitable monitor for me and in the end i decided to got for the Dell U2412H


Among the equipment was here already so much coverage I give only what was decisive for my purchase. First, of course, the design, with the thin edge 4mm simply unbeatable. I also wanted a ips, since the conventional wisdom is that the colors are great. And yes I can confirm the colors are really awesome, no comparison to my 22 inch Acer TN panel. Although I had to stop a few subtleties in the beginning because my image a little but was too bright now I am fully satisfied. (The setting on the monitor is a little tricky, at least for me, as the "keys" give no feedback. It does not feel so if the button is pressed or not.). The height adjustment and pivot function for me were now not so important but in retrospect it is good, but to have this functionality with it.


Fear I had for the 8ms response time, but I have exchanged and well-read in many forums myself to others and can only share their opinion. The 8ms are a really good value for ips panel and you get nothing from any streaks in games or in movies. Nor I have an IPS glint in white spots or so little that it does not really stand on my model to me. Halos at the black background are also kept very minimal for me and fall on hard, so it does not bother me. There are also numerous tests of this monitor simply "Dell U2414H test" and enter your already found some, but in English. These have helped me in the selection and the decision.


So to all who come from a TN panel and want to spend around 200 €, I can only recommend this monitor. The colors are amazing, have the monitor now three days and am looking forward still as good and tired now everything looks in movies and games.

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