Philips HD4646 Kettle Basic series (1.5 liter, 2400 watt) white

Price-performance ratio was great! After four years, my cheap device has given up the ghost and there had something new here ... because I did not have a kettle with spiral again, I've decided to make the device! The Phillips HD4646 / 00 is with me nahehzu in daily use. He cooks very quickly and the practical Selbstausschaltfunktion I do not want too miss! The only negative thing I have to forgive refers to the stability when properly cooked it wobbles a bit, but that is all water so cooking this model, due to the central terminal. All in all I am satisfied and would buy me top the power back!

After about 4 weeks of multiple use per day, I can not complain. The stove is not very loud, is normal quickly. My old boiler of the same kind was leaking after about 6-7 years. I can not judge after such a short time with the new. Since regular descaling is necessary, wear is naturally inevitable. But for about 25 Euros he looks good, although has no lights, and the lid must be opened by hand (there is no mechanism that failed times). He can fill well and has a Kalksieb in the sink. Therefore, the kettle completely fulfilled its purpose, and if he holds at least as long as its predecessor, I am satisfied.

Does what it should. Nothing more, nothing less. No complaints! It is nice that he has to & from a good sized knob. Water boils quickly. Lies well in the hand. Some kettles the steam rises so that he is led to eingießenden hand here but it is not like that. So I think that he especially for families with children is well suited.

have had the kettle two days after ordering in the hand, which I super fand.Der kettle itself is to be filled well, the max.Wassermenge (1.5l) is brought relatively quickly to a boil. The filling of water in the kettle does not make any problems, this also applies to the Ausgiesen. I am fully satisfied with the device.

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