Philips HR2084/90 Stand Blender Essential 650 Watt

it will be quality materials made to facilitate the clean and there grow no strange fungal stains and pimples on the rubber cover that you almost can not remove, like my old blender.

the infinitely smooth knob is really great. at low speed of blender is really quiet and still useful. at 650w it is indeed loud, but compared to my old blender Unold a real blessing. which was about 3x as loud at 500w, so that everyone has to voluntarily kept the ears in the room.

I have seen many smoothies prepared with, works just fine. So it must be real no 400eu or even> 600eu import blender that are recommended on a smoothie recipe page and sold.

at the blender everything is just right, the optics, the processing, the unrelenting suction cup feet ... but especially because of the lower loudly strengthened and faster cleaning I mix now significantly more often than with my old blender.

I was looking for a not too expensive blender that is useful nevertheless to some extent. I am asked more than satisfied!

The price / performance ratio is just great !! The device makes the glass top at first glance a super quality impression. It was composed before the first use in no time and without problems. And for cleaning, it can be disassemble just as easily again. Since flutters nothing and nothing feels cheap.

So far I've used the device already for shakes, Smoothis and crush the ice and am overall satisfied. The noise can be basically not even marked as such. Finally, it is in the nature of things that it makes noise when you eg Crushed ice.

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