Russell Hobbs Fruchtsmooties Blender

After much consideration, I wanted to buy myself a blender to make Fruchtsmooties (just as allergic). After long trips through various electronics shops, but ultimately I decided for this one (by the very good reviews, good experience my mother with the company Russell Hobbs, as well as the price).


And I must say, the device is great! Super processing, the unit is relatively quiet for such a large and strong blender. On my first test run (fruit) everything was easily converted into an airy, loose (wow !!) smoothie. The blender stands securely on its four feet incl. 2 suction cups, the lid is properly closed by the rubber edge. The design is unbeatable anyway and the strong red a total eye-catcher.


I would recommend this blender for sure!

(And it was just an allergic reaction after my first smoothie applied The apple is super well mixed)


Already in the box I noticed the weight that it seemed to be a "steadfast". When he was once out I was already excited about the look, looks great. The materials feel of very valuable, especially the thick glass top. The knife switch and also, no wobbling or impression of "breaks apart the same". I have now waited to review extra-long to the blender to test properly, and I have it almost daily in the operation. So much healthy fruit and vegetables I had never eaten or drunk, which is fun and tastes. Very stable Blender with ease of use and stability. Real hit for the price.


We use the blender to crush mainly to pre-cooked baby food, because everything fits perfectly. Because the device is in use several times a day, it is important that it can be quickly and easily disassembled and cleaned us - with the blender it goes super fast. The design I think is very good, the workmanship is impeccable. Especially loud it is not. From me it gets a 1A review.



My first impression is very good. We have the same device tested and made ​​our first Eisshake. Goes super fast and easy. Cleaning easy and the cable can be wound below the unit, looks thus to always tidy. Elegant design, matching appliances like coffee maker (we have them) there is also in the same style.

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