Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone Report

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini exchanged against the Galaxy S4 and would like to deliver a preliminary report. Although there are already many very good reviews it, but I've found that but everyone has their own preferences in terms of the selection criteria and requirements of a smartphone. Also interesting are the differences between the two models for one or the other viellecicht. 


Prior to purchasing I have explained myself with the smartphones from various manufacturers and their models and asked me what is important to me. I was following the very positive experience with the S3 mini honestly from the beginning mainly focused on the models of Samsung. I have these as compared to the other manufacturers, but not convincing I found the competitors. An iPhone I have never considered. 

Very useful it is by the way, just once to look at before deciding the models in the store and pick it up. How is the weight, the feel, the design?


Why I chose mini for the S4? 

1. What'll it be? 

for this decision, I have not used very long. Although the models S3 and S4 have a nice big display, but therein lies the problem for me. These models are just too big, can not you just so stuck in your pocket. For me, it was soon clear that a display around 4 inches is the right size for me. After the positive experience with the 4-inch display at S3 mini I'm using the 4.27 inch with slightly larger display at S4 mini really happy.


2. Do I need the newest model? 

I do not need, because after a short time, the latest model is already "old". In addition, always having to have the latest mania makes my view at inflated prices, I'm not willing to pay. For me, a smartphone is not a status symbol. The S4 mini appeared about a year ago and really attractive price-wise at the moment.


3. What should a smart phone basically offer? 

For me these were the most important criteria for buying:

- The processing of S4 is perfectly mini.

- The weight is low.

- The internal memory can be expanded with an SD card.

- The battery can be changed.

- In contrast to the S3 mini I need here a Micro SIM card, but not too disruptive.

- The display has convinced me in terms of color, sharpness and clarity. I find it just a tad bit better than the S3 mini

- The touch screen works smoothly and without delays.

- The S4 has 2 mini cameras.

- The internal memory is sized perfectly adequate with 8 GB. As a supplement, I use a 32 GB SD card.

- Call quality is impeccable.


- The battery life was not a decisive factor for me, because I this is really too small for all smartphones. Ultimately, you have to recharge every day after all. But it helps if you turn off one or the other preinstalled app, if they are really not used.

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