The personal website maintain the death of a person

There is a problem after the death of the individual, how such website or blog that individual has made ​​is, that should be managed and stored. I was registered as a keyword "grave keeper net (net grave keeper)" and in the "interest space" this problem. It is different from a such thing as grave marker of individuals on the Internet, such as recollection and memorial. Only, this is what it leaves intact the form of individuals had been active during his lifetime. 

In Japan, a kind of service that will maintain the death of the person the personal website directly are not products and services of still current, but the attending physician the web site of the person who died by sending the illness in the incurable disease, or that management volunteers while respecting the intent of the deceased, has maintained there are several. 

Within this movement, also express intention activities on the site policies of death, for example in the site of Hiroo Yamagata and ["wills", such as a Web suicide note in ["Maromaro Symbol", the administrator himself in preparation for sudden death have been made. Information exchange is also being conducted in the Web community suicide note in mixi in social networking services (SNS). 

Social interest to this problem has been increasing gradually, it has been taken up even "forever home" evening paper dated 21 April 2006 Nihon Keizai Shimbun. 

Cases before the administrator to death the most, the administrator would be tired of the management and operation of the web site of its own, it will to stand in the middle, or server management company is to change the method of access to the management system, administrator there are many such examples became unmanageable for But it did not correspond to the switch. In order to prevent Korea Information Security Agency and the South Korean government information communication unit by (KISA), sites that are left to be exploited in 2006, housecleaning of sites that have not been updated for a long time has been carried out in Korea.

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