Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Camera

The fact that for the price you can not expect professional surveillance camera, each should be clear! It is just still giving away nothing! ) 

For simple purposes like for me to monitor the attic or at times to figure out what animal there every now and then at night having a party but the camera is sufficient. 

Of course I have no HD picture, as I'm used to it from the TV (I had, of course, not expected ...), but you can see everything and thanks to the night vision just in the dark. 

The decor is, as already described in other reviews, actually a little tricky, but not impossible.

OK, I work in the IT industry and am familiar certainly something more than the "simple" PC-operator who is glad he safely through WWW surfing.

I think that whoever eg his wifi router can establish themselves and know what it indicates the user interface there and the terminology (IP, port, MAC address, etc ...) are not foreign, so can cope. Who of WiFi, network, etc. now has no idea should probably leave it alone or get support. But this will be even expensive network devices so because there happens the device usually not by magic ...

I certainly had after about 15 minutes the first live image on the PC. After a total of about 1 to 1.5 hours, the camera was then incorporated in the tub, e-mail account for e-mail alert (for this I have a new e-mail account created only for the camera) configured to be accessed via mobile phone and some gadgets and tests completed ...

 Shortly after, I had then already an email with six good snapshots of my nocturnal visitor attic ... 

Camera is now running almost a month without problems ... 

I bought the camera as a cheap monitoring solution. The decor was simple and the picture quality is absolutely ok. For my application, the camera is perfectly adequate and just in terms of the selling price, a real bargain. 


All in all we can recommend the camera perfectly!

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